Guidance to new and existing members for bringing a boat into the Club

  1. Applications to bring an existing or prospective boat into the yard must be put to the YBM


  1. The boat admitted to the club shall be a sailing boat of acceptable design approved by the sailing committee i.e. bilge keel, shallow fin advice on suitability can and should be obtained from the YBM or Flag Officers, the largest boats in the yard are currently 31 feet in length


  1. The boat will need its own yard or road trailer before arrival, advice can be obtained from the YBM and Flag officers as to construction and likely costs


  1. The boat will need to be insured before it enters the yard and a copy of the insurance provided to the YBM


  1. Once the boat has arrived you will need to apply for and lay a mooring, the YBM and Flag Officers can advise on suitable moorings, their construction and likely costs.


  1. If in doubt about the process feel free to contact the YBM or Flag Officers for friendly advice.