Mooring List For Sailing Members - Updated 11th March 2024

Full sailing members with a boat can apply for a mooring in writing to the yard and birthing master.




 Mooring  Details           Name  Length Other 
 N1      Nirvana  30ft  
 N2      Nick News Boat  26 ft  
 N3      Scoop  26 ft  
 N4  Available      17 ft  
 N5      Coralee  28 ft  
 N6      Jaybee  26 ft  
 N7      Wild Goose  29 ft  
 N8      Lazy Sailor  26 ft  
 N9      Sunspot  17 ft  
 N10      Tarka II  27 ft  
 N11      Achilles of the North  24 ft  
 N12  Available        
 N13      Capsicium  26ft  
 N14      Tarn Tarn  24 ft  
 N15      Acheivement  24 ft  
 N16      Scorpio  27 ft  
 N17      Cramar  28 ft  
 N18      Reserved  28 ft  
 N19      Seel  24 ft  
 N20      Sirocco  24 ft  
 N21      Mistiana  28 ft  
 N22      Living Daylights  21 ft  
 N23      Wren  23 ft  
 N24      Rhianwin  24 ft  
 N25      Shadowfax  28 ft  
 N26      Cornish Shrimper    
 N27      Kesbro  29 ft  
 N28      Gizmo  25 ft  
 N29      Colour of Magic  31 ft  
 N30      Springtide  24 ft  
 N31      Heather May  28 ft  
 N32      Arrow  26 ft  
 N33  Launch mooring    B.S.C    
 N34  Emergency mooring    B.S.C    
 N35  Emergency mooring    B.S.C    
 N36  Emergency mooring    B.S.C    
 N37  Emergency mooring    B.S.C    
 N38  Emergency mooring    B.S.C    
 S1      Sea Moon    
 S2  Unusable        
 S3  Available        
 S4  Available        
 S5  Available        
 S6      Jessica E  31 ft  
 S7  Available        
 S8  Available        
 S9  Available        
 S10  Available        
 S11  Available        
 S12  Available        
 N13      Manana  26ft  
 S14      Malindi Rose  28ft  
 S15      Noelle  29 ft  
 S16      One Life  30 ft  
 S17  Available        
 S18  Available        
 S19  Available        
 S20  Available        
 S21  Emergency mooring    B.S.C    



Dear All, the season will start to hot up soon and with that comes mooring applications, boat changes etc etc for mooring applications it is worth speaking to the YBM or Sailing Committee members first to get some advice on suitability, once you have decided to apply for a mooring then send your request to YBM and copy in Sailing Secretary the requests will then be considered at the next Sailing Committee meeting. Also if you sell or buy a new boat please ensure you inform the YBM and the Sailing Secretary so we can update our records and advise you on any further requirements. Many thanks, Rohan