Blundellsands Sailing Club

Blundellsands Sailing Club is situated in the North West of England at Hightown on the river Alt, overlooking Liverpool Bay. The club has a comfortable convivial club house, a boat yard and slipway, and moorings on the river. 

BSC is very fortunate in having the lease of the tidal section of the River Alt. The Alt was once one of the most polluted rivers in England. It is now clean enough to support fish life. The estuary mud, small areas of salt marsh and reed beds are home to a wide variety of birds. Because of the above features, the area is designated “A Site of Special Scientific Interest”. Had we not been long established here and having a reputation for being a caring and responsive organisation, we may not have been able to continue sailing here. We maintain this role and members do not pollute the River and avoid interfering with the wild life in and around the River.

Whilst sailing from the Alt, you will see mullet coming in with the flood and signs of flat fish in the shallows. Oystercatchers, plovers and ringed plover, curlew, sanderling and greenshank are common here. Dunlin and knots form great shimmering clouds at certain times of the year. Mallard and shellduck are seen all year. In winter, huge flocks of migrant geese visit this area. All year, heron feed at the River's edge at low water. Members have occasionally seen kingfishers. Don't miss walking the River Alt to the mouth as not only will you learn the nature of the route to the sea but also it will help you in understanding the River.