New Members Information

The following notes are not rules and regulations but supplementary information for new members. The Club's Rules,
Sailing Instructions and Bye-Laws are in the Club Diary.
Enclosed herewith are the following:
1. Altcar Rifle Range Danger Area and map of the River Alt.
2. The Mouth of the River Alt map
3. Mooring arrangements - diagram.
4. Courses for single tide races.
For the Calendar of Sailing Events and List of Trophies – see Annual Club Diary.
Safety - Lifejackets or buoyancy aids should be worn at all times, particularly when transferring from jetty to tender,
tender to yacht or when on deck in rough weather. Even the mud is treacherous, so don’t lay your moorings on your
Who's Who and What They Do
The names of elected Officers and Members of the Club’s Committees are detailed in the Diary. They change from
year to year. The Committee members with whom you will come into immediate contact are as follows:-
Commodore - Chair of the General Committee and main representative of the Club.
Vice Commodore – Chair of the Sailing Committee.
Rear Commodore – Chair of the House and Grounds Committee. The main role of this Committee is to ensure the
maintenance of the club's premises.
Hon. Secretary
Hon. Treasurer
Hon. Membership Secretary
Hon. Sailing Secretary
Club Captain
Yard & Berth Master
4 General Committee Members
(including the News Letter Editor)

Membership Secretary collects the Membership Fees, Subscriptions and Mooring and Berthing Charges.
Sailing Secretary arranges the Sailing programme. He and the Sailing Committee arrange the Sailing Events
Calendar and organise Club Sailing Races. Each Sailing Race is controlled by an Officer of the Day who is a sailing
member who has responsibility for setting the course, starting and timing the race and working out the winners from
the handicap formula. An information pack is provided for ODs. Members are expected to take their turn as Officer of
the Day once a year when experienced. Six regularly used courses are shown in the club diary and on the attached
map of courses for single tide races. The chosen course will depend on the direction of the wind and weather
The Sailing Committee ensures that the facilities for sailing are properly maintained. There are now two jetties for
launching tenders. One is adjacent to the Club laying-up yard; the other jetty is at the Club House. The river course is
marked with port (red painted) and starboard (green painted) scaffold pole perches, in order that all members can
follow the constant changes of the river channel. These perches are renewed every spring by a Working Party of
members, organised to maintain this and other club equipment. A map of The Mouth of the River Alt is attached. This
part of the navigable channel is difficult as it is bordered on the south side by the River Alt training wall and on the
north side by sandbanks. The margin for error is small and it is important to keep to the marked channel while
observing the depth of water and state of the tide. New Members are advised to do their first trip to Sea from the Alt
with a "Pilot" or alternatively having sailed the channel on another member’s boat. It is also recommended that all
Members should walk the channel at low tide at least once a year in order that they can appreciate the meanderings
of the River.
Club Captain ensures that matters such as Sailing Times, Course Plans, VHF Channels, Estimated Times of Arrival,
and details of moorings are discussed for Club Cruises. Briefings take place, usually on a Friday evening a few weeks
before the cruise date. All Boat Owners sailing on the particular Cruise are invited to attend. Members with limited
knowledge of navigation will be given guidelines. Reference is made above to VHF Channels. Communication
between the boats is essential, particularly in the event of difficulties, e.g. engine trouble, etc. and a VHF Channel will
be agreed before the Cruise commences.
Yard & Berth Master is in charge of all Moorings and the Club's laying up Yard. Vacant moorings are advertised on
the Club notice board. If you wish to request a mooring or a place in the Yard, applications must be made in writing to
the Yard & Berth Master. The General Committee allocates moorings according to suitability, availability, and seniority.
If you are allocated a mooring in the south reach of the River Alt, you may require a small outboard for your tender to
overcome the flood and the ebb. New Members are reminded of the importance of insurance, Bye-Law 9 reads:-
"Members Boats must be insured at all times for at least Third Party cover of three million pounds. It is
mandatory for the Yard & Berth Master to be in possession of a valid copy of an insurance certificate before
giving permission to launch.” The Yard & Berth Master is empowered to refuse entry of any Members boat to
any part of the Club's Premises or to the launching of his her or their boat without compliance of this
All ladders stored in the yard must be chained and padlocked to the boat/trailer. All tenders,
dinghies, and launching trailers in the club grounds or yard must be chained and padlocked so they cannot
be removed.
Social Events are organised by the Social Committee and are shown in the Diary and on the Club Notice Board. The
two annual formal Club Dinners are the Fitting-Out Dinner in February and Prize Giving Dinner in November. The
Fitting-Out Dinner provides the Club with the opportunity to invite Commodores and Secretaries of the kindred Clubs
in the region to our Club by way of reciprocity for the invitations, which we receive during the year to their formal
occasions. The other Events are at the discretion of the Social Committee but generally include a monthly social
event, e.g. Summers BBQ, the RNLI Day, Quiz, Christmas Party and New Years Eve Party. You will find these
functions enjoyable, don’t miss them and get your name on the list early to avoid disappointment.
The Club Hours - The permitted hours for the supply of intoxicating liquor are: weekdays, Monday to Saturday
inclusive 11.30 am to 11.00:pm; Sunday 12:00 pm to 10.30 pm. New members are requested to ask their Proposer to
bring them down to the Club to meet the Members and to enjoy the informal atmosphere of the Club. The Bar is an
essential and enjoyable part of the Club where you will find a warm welcome and make many friends.
The Club Grounds - All tenders/dinghies and trailers must be secured with a chain and padlock. Oars may be left in
the storage containers but should not be left in the boats. Cars are not permitted to obstruct access to or park in the
Club Grounds. A key for the clubhouse is available on request from the Hon. Secretary on payment of a fee.
Gates - Members are required to keep both the Gate to the Club Grounds and the Gate to the Club access road at
Thornbeck Avenue is closed at all times to prevent members of the public from using the grounds and unauthorised access.
Containers, which replaced The Black Hut are s available for members to store the following articles only, at
the owner's own risk:- Spars, Rudders, Tillers, Oars, Paddles, Ropes, Anchors and Warps, and other small articles. But
tenders, out-boards, inflatable dinghies, trailers/launching trolleys, mooring buoys, or other items, must not be stored in
the containers. Members are requested to ensure that the containers are properly locked after use and that they are
kept clean and tidy.
Notices on Club House Boards are posted by the Hon. Secretary, Committees, or the Hon. Membership Secretary.
Useful information, e.g. sailing, social, or working parties, is posted here. No other notices may be posted except by
the above.
Working Parties are held at times throughout the year for a variety of purposes and all members are expected to take
part in this Club Activity as a condition of membership.
Club Regalia is available for sale at the Club on Friday nights and Sunday afternoons, e.g. club ties, cravats, polo
shirts, fleeces.
Club Secrets will not be disclosed in this pack! They relate to the following:-
a) The lock on the gate at the Thornbeck Avenue entrance to the private road to the Club House!
b) The keys to the main gate at the clubhouse grounds, member's container, and slipway gates.
Club Web Site
Contains the monthly newsletter archive, history of the club, social events, and other useful information, e.g.
waypoints, weather links, etc.
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