Blundellsands Sailing Club

GDPR Compliance Policy

To comply with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), Blundellsands Sailing Club [BSC] only collects data from its members for legitimate purposes in connection with the running of the club. 

Such data will be used only for:

  • Inclusion in the club diary, which is distributed to BSC members only.

  • Notification of membership renewals, to BSC Members.

  • Notification of AGMs and EGMs, to BSC Members.

  • Emergency contacts.

Data from members is held securely, on a password-managed computer held by the Honorary Membership Secretary and is deleted when members leave the club. 

Data is never used for any other purpose than those stated above. 

BSC will not pass on details of members to any third party, without express permission from the member(s).

Members may request that their telephone number is excluded from the club diary, though the telephone number will be held on the club computer, for emergency contact purposes.


Dated:    09 March 2022

Author:     Steve Quinn (Honorary Membership Secretary, 2022) 

Review:    March 2023