A precis log of the voyage.

Personal Note log reads 20 percent down by comparison with GPS.

Monday 4 June 2018
Geoff and I left early doors from Liverpool and travelled to Portavadie where we overnighted
on Kirribilli (Contessa 32) .

The Canal Adventure

The start of the Saga

David Whitby conceived the idea of arranging a canal cruise for old salt water sailors. We
all thought it would be a complete walk in the park – 4 knots and steer down the middle.
Forget it. To accomplish the Warwickshire Ring – comprising of the Grand Union,
Birmingham and Fazely, Coventry and the Oxford canals., 102 miles long and 97 gruelling
locks, in one week was a big ask, an intensive delivery trip involving miles of walking,
relentlessly and remorselessly working lock paddles with a handle known as a windlass.
We didn't know any of this to start with. Yacht cruising is a walk in the park by comparison.
Doing the ring is a two week job. We accomplished it in one. Most were out of their comfort

Three Costas on Hobo


Hobo heads south

Outward bound

The sales of Mediterranean Spain had been going so well that I found myself obliged to re-visit that
long and multi-faceted coast in order to make the next edition not just a reprint. My previous
recconaisance had been by car due to lack of use and the subsequent failure of my Westerly
Corsair Hobo to proceed. This had been fun but I felt that a little poking about in the Calas (coves)
of the Costa Brava would add lustre to the tome. Also because I had intimated that I would be
exploring by boat a significant sum had been added to my emoluments, too good to waste!