A precis log of the voyage.

Personal Note log reads 20 percent down by comparison with GPS.

Monday 4 June 2018
Geoff and I left early doors from Liverpool and travelled to Portavadie where we overnighted
on Kirribilli (Contessa 32) .

Tuesday 5 June 2018

We set off for Lochcarron in Wester Ross, detouring via Oban to see the new transit marina.
We had a quick look at Dunstaffnage marina (Chandlery closed for lunch) and lunched there.
We also examined the new landing pontoon at Fort William for future reference
We duly arrived at Lochcarron and Sue the wife of our Skipper Keith cooked us a meal and
we departed thence to Island Girl, proudly at her mooring in Slumbay, Lochcarron. We

Wednesday 6 June 2018

Skipper Keith Jones, mates Cedric Loughran and Geoff Welch
0935 Left mooring Log 3971 Heading for Kyle Engine 969.8
1015 Strome narrows
1320 Arrived Kyleakin. Walk around
1400 Depart Kyleakin
1450 Passed Glenelg Ferry (Quentin banting a RNSA member is an official).
1530 Passed Sandaig Lighthouse
1603 Isle Ornesay lighthouse abeam to starboard
1700 Exploring Armadale.
1835 Finished with engines Inverie, on a mooring
LOG 3999 Engine 9772.

We all went to the Forge Inn. Iconic, Pretentious, a self licking lollipop of a place. There is
nowhere else to go.,We had a nice steak l Didn’t buy the tee-shirt.

Wednesday 6 June 2018

East 3 or 4 Slight to moderate, fair, good.

1032 departed mooring at Inverie. A magical cormorant had taken on a mooring buoy as his
1105 Called Mallaig – tried to blag a free hour – no deal. Did some shopping, had a shower,
saw the steam train, saw the ponies and traps. Super.
1545 Departed Mallaig Had a good time.
1700 Rounding the Point of Sleat
1745 Tarskavaig abeam to starboard
1825 Passing the tip of Strathaird Promontory to a port- entering upper Loch Scavaig.
1920 at anchor Loch Na Cuilce upper Scavaig. Are we not lucky being in the most
phenomenal anchorage in the British Isles? We witnessed a camper sent demented by the
midges. The poor fellow was walking around whipping himself with a towel until it went dark.
We were midge free afloat. It is six years since I have been here and seems like yesterday.
Fantastic. Dinner – starter – Scallops with Roe on black pudding with a bed of kale, chicken
pie- shortcrust, not Fray Bentos, potatoes and carrots, followed by peaches and cream. The
bothy looks in good order. BANDOLERO of RHYC in the anchorage.

THURSDAY 7 June 2018

I took Geoff ashore and we walked to Loch Coruisk. Geoff was sceptical that it was just
around the corner but relieved it was.

Had a mini musterette with RHYC yacht Bandolero. They are Yorkshire people who live in
Lancashire. The skipper was having his birthday. We sang happy birthday and gave three

1000 We heard the bagpipes and saw a wedding party en route for Loch Coruisk, A Corrie at
the bottom of the bBack Cuillins. Bride in full dress, wellies and denim jacket. What a
privilege to see.

We gave three cheers. We wish them well for a happy and fulfilled married life.
1005 Weighed Anchor

1042 in Soay Sound sailing west. We pick up a rope but Keith’s cutter soon had us free. I
must advise the RYA.

1215Hheard a mayday a vessel aground on Eugenie Rock engine U/S. All being sorted by
the coastguard.

1500 We have picked up a mooring at Carbost and can see the Talisker Distillery. We take a
stroll. Talisker is all about the visitor experience. We see no deliveries, activity, heat or
steam. Will they really bring all the malt by road? Have we discovered part of a great whisky
conspiracy? Is it all a theatrical to safeguard brands. Are they swapping stuff around
Scotland in some great swiz? We did a little shopping. Everybody seems to be from
Lancashire or Yorkshire in retail and hospitality industry.

Friday 7 June 2018

The lady in the shop is from Burnley. We went to the sub post office then to the pub for
coffee. So sorry we disturbed them – had a coffee but they were very put out. Had a coffee
at the little coffee shop, superb. Met some Aussies whose parents were £10 poms. Found
that a croft costs £30-00 per year. I want one.
The village has done very well installing a pier and wants to get more tourists.
1130 Explore various Lochs and then depart for Loch Dunvegan
1200 Rounding Point to Stbd. Loch Harport
1230 Rounding Wester End of Oronsay
1330 Off Caroy Slip 10m of water
1400 Harlosh point abeam to starboard
1440 McLeod’s Maidens abeam to starboard.
1615 Nest Point lighthouse to Stbd
1635 “The Merchant” abeam to starboard – entering Loch Poolteil
1740 Dunvegan head to starboard
1855 Finished with engines Dunvegan Eng 954.2 Log 4066
We went ashore for a beer. Not a lot of life here.

Saturday 8 June 2018

Went ashore in the morning. The locals not interested in letting us have water at the fish
quay. Geoff and I walked to the Castle Shop and had a coffee after buying a few bits.
There is what I can only describe as an armoury. The gunsmiths shop has an arsenal – and
all in the middle of nowhere.
1300 Departed Dunvegan moorings by church. Good moorings and a pontoon £10-00.
1445 Ardmore Point Waternish abeam to starboard
1600 South Ascrib Island Southern Point to Port.
1722 Entering Loch Snizort Bearg
1745 Entered Gladcamus bay – turned around for UIG Bay
1900 on mooring at UIG LOG 4089 Engine 1000.3
Fuel tank 12.25/16ths used 1 sixteenth.
Went ashore it was closed.


Went ashore and bought the most fantastic lenticular pictures of a Red Dear, A Golden
Eagle and a Sheep Dog for the grandchildren.
1055 Departed for Staffin
1235 Rubha Hunish to Starboard
1255 Rubha Na H-Aiseig to Starboard
1343 North Corner of Staffin Island to Starboard.
1520 Entering Arcairseid Mhor. Annoying man with nice yacht but yet another Saltire Ensign
1535 In Arcairseid Mhor a quick pirouette and out. I want to come her again. Very
pretty.really must come here again.
1604 Middle of Caol Rhona
1610 Rounding Rhona heading for Sheildaig
1635 Two dozen dolphins playing fantastic
1820 Rounding Ardharsaig to starboard
1855 On visitors mooring Sheildaig Eng 1008.3 Log 4121
Went ashore. We had a lovely meal with Sue.


1145 Departed Sheildaig Sunny 2 to 3 Variable
1615 Arrived Badachro after pirouette in Gairloch
LOG 4131 ENG 1013.1
Went ashore for a beer.
TUESDAY 12 June 2018
Went ashore to buy some gizits.
1205 left moorings bound for Portree
1350 Passed North Rhona Light to Port heading to Portree.
1630 Arrived Portree moorings
LOG 4157 Eng 1017.5
Portree busy. Went ashore. Keith and Geoff had a beer. I had a good wander.

WEDNESDAY 13 June 2018

0705 Left mooring at Portree bound for Kyleakin
1115 Arrived on Pontoon an invasion of Chinese ladies from Beijing come aboard from a
coach tour. Foul weather.
A Westerly with Dr John Hanbury and Professor Stephen Hall come alongside they are
soaked – a social. Stephen Halls family have a cottage up past the woodchip sales at
Portavadie (where the Contessa 32 is kept). How strange is that?
1605 Departing Kyleakin
1900 Attempt to anchor at Plockton The winch keeps tripping. Big ball of kelp, mud and a
grapnel with rope – historical. A total Horlicks. Nasty man in Bowman 40 a total plonker with
his transmission button locked down. Decide to set off for Slumbay.
2100 Picked up mooring in Slumbay We are home.

Thursday 14 June 2018

We go ashore, have breakfast and depart.
I am shattered as we arrive at Portavadie. A meal at the Kames hotel. Thank you Geoff.

Friday 15 June

We are awa the noo. And arrive home at Hightown, Liverpool at 1530.

Thank you Keith and Island Girl for a most fulfilling cruise in iconic waters.